​You know you are sleep deprived when you

  • Forget to apply mascara to one of your eyes;
  • Don’t notice that, not only is your toddler wearing his shoes on the wrong feet, he’s wearing two different shoes;
  • Start backing out of the garage without first opening the garage door;
  • Can’t remember how to spell “the”‘;
  • Think eating takes too much effort;
  • Can’t remember if you had two, three, or four cups of coffee that morning;
  • Develop a speech impediment;
  • Think good posture is overrated;
  • Have to calculate your age once you finally remember the year in which you were born;
  • Call your kid the name of every person and animal in your house before recalling his name;
  • Are sure you left your car keys on the kitchen counter – no, in the bedroom – uh, maybe on the sofa – well, could they be in your purse? – nope, they are still in the ignition.

How do you know when you are sleep deprived?

What are your thoughts?

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