A glimpse of Heather

leader                            FAITH                        mother of a cat

                bicycling               wife                       camping

travel                              GARDENING                         volunteer

                snowboarding                     sister                     READING

WRITING                       cooking                                professor

Tikal in Guatemala

Having aspired to be an authoress since age twelve when I vowed to create a world like that of Nancy Drew’s, I’m taking the big dive this year to make that dream a reality.  I am working on completing my first mystery novel this spring.  This blog will help establish a platform for my writing, so I appreciate the time you spend reading and commenting on my posts.  You’re a great treasure to me and I am blessed to have you as a visitor to my site.

Botanical garden in Encinitas, California

In addition to being a writer, I am a law professor and speaker.  If you would like me to speak at an event, are interested in publishing some of my works, would like me to be a guest blogger, or would like me to serve as a ghost writer, please email me at H_Harshman@yahoo.com.

Please also email me if there is a topic you would like me to write on for my blog or if you want to share other thoughts or ideas with me.


5 comments on “A glimpse of Heather

  1. Sharyn McDonald says:

    Hi Heather, This looks great. I am looking forward to the journey and being part of the critique group. We love you my friend!

  2. Sharyn McDonald says:

    I enjoyed the story about Parrott as well as the devotional. Good start my friend!

  3. Dear Heather, Just wanted you to know how much I enjoy your writings. It is so exciting to be in the family of God: especially when it is a relative. You have such a gift for writing. Your parents must be very proud of you! I also wanted to congratulate you and your husband on your recent marriage. Love, Bev Holbrook ( your mom’s cousin.)

    • Thanks for taking the time to write such a sweet comment and for following my blog, Bev! I hope you continue to enjoy my postings – writing them is very rewarding and fun.
      We’re having a wedding reception at Barb and Gene’s church in Columbus the Saturday after Thanksgiving. I hope you can join us! It will be that afternoon. Love, Heather

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