Subtle Power


He’s powerful, but it’s a patient power. Still, no one gets by with anything. Sooner or later, everyone pays. Tornadoes and hurricanes are the wake of his passage, Storm clouds are the dust he shakes off his feet. He yells at the sea: It dries up. All the rivers run dry. The Bashan and Carmel mountains shrivel, the Lebanon orchards shrivel. Mountains quake in their roots, hills dissolve into mud flats. Earth shakes in fear of God.

The Message 1: 3-5

by Heather Zuber-Harshman

Do you ever wish God would display his power like he did in the Old Testament? Maybe part a sea, or be a cloud following you around, or even make a barrier fall down just from a little bit of walking and horn blowing? I sometimes wish this type of thing would happen so there would be no doubt in people’s minds that God is the one and only Lord and that he is worth pursuing. But wait, people still doubted and fell away from him in the Old Testament despite these powerful displays. Maybe that’s why God changed tactics.

Now it seems God’s power is often revealed in more subtle ways that take a bit of attention on our behalf to catch. Perhaps this is his way of calling us to be still and be present with him so we can observe his power and be encouraged by it. Have you taken time lately to slow down and look for signs of his power? A casual hike or bike ride, having your quiet time sitting on your porch or patio, or just observing your children or grandchildren while they play can reveal much about his power: a perfectly formed flower, a majestic mountain, a hummingbird feeding from a plant, a breathtaking sunrise, the growth and maturity of children.

God’s power seeps into every part of our lives, we just need to take the time to be still so we can see it. Why not set aside ten or fifteen minutes each day this week to look for it in your life?


One comment on “Subtle Power

  1. I have wished God would show his OT wrath on certain people, but He is also kind, patient and gracious.

    I find it a challenge to explain His gift of freewill given to man. “Why doesn’t God just strike down evil doers?” Freewill is required to express returned Love. (We love him because He first Loved us. – 1John 4:19) Freewill also lets some people make horrendous decisions.

    God’s great restraint is his Holy Power.

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