101 Never Felt Sooooo Good

What do you think of when you see the number 101?


The number of pennies collecting in a jar on your kitchen counter?

Having a fever?

The weight you were in seventh or eighth grade?

The number of times this year you’ve told your kids to chew with their mouths closed?

The temperature on the thermometer outside your house?

The number of stories in a Chicken Soup for the Soul book?

An age that you aspire to reach?

The number makes me think of how many posts I’ve made since beginning my blog in July 2011. That’s right, this is my 101st post. Whoo hoo to that. Thank you to all of my loyal followers for faithfully reading my stories, posting comments to encourage me and other readers, and giving me ideas for stories. I couldn’t have made it to this monumental point without you.

To celebrate this occasion, I’ve provided links below to some of the “biggest hits” for your reading enjoyment. Which is your favorite? What ideas do you have for the next 101 posts?

I Don’t Remember That Being in the Job Description

It Was Confirmed that I’m a Natural Blonde . . .

Roughing It

The One Who Matters Most

Something to Be Excited About

When Less is More

Nine Lives Aren’t Enough When You’re in Love

I Found my Cooking Mojo

Breaking News: Snowshoes Replace Tennies in Big Race at 7,880 Feet

Shadows are Underappreciated

It Was Confirmed that I’m a Natural Blonde . . .


Have you had any locusts in your life lately?


2 comments on “101 Never Felt Sooooo Good

  1. Actually I like this #101 post. Its a clever way of declaring a milestone.
    I like that you reached number 101 here in the cloud, and meanwhile became published in paper as a writer again!


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