The results of transparency

But you, Timothy, certainly know what I teach, and how I live, and what my purpose in life is. You know my faith, my patience, my love, and my endurance.

2 Timothy 3:10 NLT

Vineyards of Mendocino County, California by Heather Zuber-Harshman

Paul chose to be transparent about his walk with Christ rather than hide it. He wanted all to see who he was as a Christian.   He didn’t have to tell Timothy that he had strong faith, patience, love, and endurance because Timothy already knew this about Paul based on how he lived his life.

How do you want your family, friends, and acquaintances to see you as a Christian?  How do you think they would respond if you asked them, “How do you see Christ in me?”  I think many of us would be surprised about the difference between how we want to be viewed and how we are viewed, in both good and not so good ways.

Sometimes our intentions to convey certain characteristics fall short, and other characteristics that we hadn’t anticipated shine through without our knowledge.  For example, being patient is an everyday battle for me.  I never seem to have enough of it, yet I recently had a friend tell me that she admired how patient I am and that she wished she were more like me in that way.  Her taking the time to share this encouraged me to continue the battle because it appears that I am winning.

Perhaps we should all take the time to do a status check this week.   Let’s ask ourselves and friends, family, or acquaintances the above questions.  Then return to this post and share in the comments section what you discover so we can rejoice with and pray for you.

What are your thoughts?

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