Are you discombobulated?

For, brethren, ye have been called unto liberty; only use not liberty for an occasion to the flesh, but by love serve one another. Galatians 5:13 KJV

Have you ever felt like there were so many changes going on in your life that you couldn’t get your feet firmly planted on the ground?  Or like you couldn’t get settled or feel like you were “home”?  Or like you were unsure of who you were?  I experienced those feelings for a few months last fall because the prior eighteen months had been a whirlwind of major life changes. Here’s a diagram summary for you visual learners:

By January 2012 I was tired of feeling discombobulated, so something needed to change.  That’s when I contacted Buena Creek Gardens to see if they needed volunteers.  Then I called the secretary at our church, Infusion, to see if she needed help.  Then I agreed to help coordinate the Orange Country Christian Writers Conference.  Then I signed-up to serve as a Compassion Advocate for a Newsboys concert.  And suddenly my feet became firmly planted, I felt like San Diego was home, and I was confident and comfortable with the new Heather Harshman.

What changed?  I stopped focusing on poor, little ole me and shifted my attention, time, and energy to serving others through the love of Christ.  Each time I water plants for Shari and Steve, the owners of Buena Creek, I feel warm and fuzzy inside because I know they are tired and overworked.  When I give Vicky, our church secretary, a few hours of my day, she glows and smiles non-stop, which is contagious.  I have received back ten-fold for the small amounts of time I have devoted to others.  Praise God for that!

Are you feeling discombobulated?  Have you looked into volunteering in your community?

Want to attend a free yoga class at Buena Creek Gardens that I’ll be teaching?  Meet me at the main entrance on Buena Creek Road, Sat., March 24th at 9:45 a.m. The class will be one-hour.  Refreshments and a free tour will be provided after the class.

You can register for the May 18 – 20, 2o12 Orange Country Christian Writers Conference here.


What are your thoughts?

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