Signs That You Need to Call a Handyman

Have you ever known someone who would rather eat liver canned cat food that do home repairs and maintenance, yet doesn’t want to pay someone to do them?  Such the conundrum:  effort versus money.  And so what happens?  Nothing.  Actually, I miswrote – nothing gets fixed or maintained, but things do happen.  Things like these:

  • Your carbon monoxide detector is taped to the wall but finds itself on the floor every few months;
  • You have to brush your teeth at the kitchen sink because your bathroom sink is clogged with water standing in it and has been in that state for days;
  • You have to use a flashlight to find anything in your bedroom closet because the bulb in your ceiling light is burned out;
  • You accidentally tear a hole  in your bathroom drywall when removing an old towel bar so you hang a picture there instead;
  • You can’t get your bathroom outlets to work because they are GFCI and you don’t know which other outlet in the house triggered them;
  • You have stopped opening the cupboard doors over your stove because you have been surprised by a rat one too many times;
  • Your front door knob stopped working so you enter and exit your house through the backyard, which involves climbing over your fence since the gate broke a few months ago.

I’ll admit that I’m guilty of two of these.  Can you guess which ones?  Are you into home maintenance and repairs or would you rather eat liver canned cat food?


4 comments on “Signs That You Need to Call a Handyman

  1. George says:

    I can’t guess and would not eat cat food. I’d much rather do the repair.
    But I do have a leaky toilet to repair. I currently have a small bucket under the valve that get full and needs to be dumped out.

  2. Faye Harshman says:

    I’d guess the one about the bathroom sink being clogged – because it was draining pretty slowly when we were there last May and I worked on it some myself. Our things usually don’t get fixed until we have company coming.

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