It was confirmed that I’m a natural blonde . . .

last week when I went to Escondido Joes, a coffee shop by our house.  I ordered a green tea, turned on my computer, and settled into a plush leather sofa.  Since my archaic computer takes an eternity to boot up, I decided to check email on my phone while I waited . . . except I couldn’t find it.  My iPhone wasn’t in my purse, on the sofa, or resting by my tea on the table.  It wasn’t on the front counter, in my computer case, or between the sofa cushions.  Grabbing my keys and heading back to the car, I chided myself for consistently leaving my phone either at home or in one of our cars.

Some things just aren't meant to be on the roof of a car.

I searched in all of the phone’s usual haunts in the front and back of Candice, my Jetta.  Nada.  Rien. Nothing.  I was ready to admit defeat when I happened to catch sight of something on the roof of the car – my phone.

Yep. That’s right. I drove 3.2 miles (I looked it up) from our house to Escondido Joes with my phone upside down on the roof, about three inches from the side edge.  Clutching the iPhone to my chest, I raised my eyes to the heavens and did a little happy dance.  Cars passing by became Looky Lous as I praised whoever invented rubber iPhone covers and my husband for purchasing one for my phone.

Do you have a habit of misplacing your phone?

Want to plan ahead for a similar blonde moment?  Buy a rubber cover today:  Buy a rubber iPhone cover

8 comments on “It was confirmed that I’m a natural blonde . . .

  1. nyna says:

    Thanks for the story – now we will all feel better next time we leave our phone in the fridge, laundry, or bottomless purse.

  2. george says:

    I can imagine an angel running along the side of your car with a finger on your phone for 3.2 miles saying to God, “Really? Heather is just going to blame her hair color?”

  3. Dale Harshman says:

    You’re a lucky lady. The next time we come to visit, we’re going to Tahoe…….to gamble.

  4. I don’t misplace my phone, but my mom misplaces hers all the time. Once she searched for days. She finally found it under a pile of towels on top of her drier! Thanks for entering our book giveaway. YOU WON! email me with your address and I’ll send you a copy of FOREVER by Maggie Stiefvater!!!!! christy nc_hintz(at)yahoo(dot)com :0) CONGRATS!

    • Wow, that’s a good one. A friend told me via Facebook that she once “misplaced” her phone and searched for awhile before she realized she was talking on it – ha!

      cool. I love winning things!! Thanks bunches.

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