Biker chick (a.k.a. Heather) while snudcycling in Colorado

A few years ago I managed to make it to Denver, Colorado three to four times per year to visit my friends John and Marisa.  During each visit we made a point of snowboarding, hiking, camping, and/or mountain biking, depending on the weather.

During one visit, John and I created a new sport – snudcycling.  We went mountain biking when there were remnants of snow on the paths, and the snow that had melted turned the once frozen ground into a mini replica of the Brea Tar Pits, but with mud instead.

We were consistently either skidding across the white stuff, or stopping to remove the brown stuff from our chains.  After an hour or so of this adventurous sport, my bike chose to move no further; it had experienced enough snudcycling for one day.  Then came the bike wash in the front yard upon our return, which turned into a great diet plan for the bikes because they each lost about five pounds in the process.

Would I go snudcycling again?  Yes, if the “sn” outweighs the “ud.”

Have you ever gone snudcycling? What crazy cycling experiences have you had?

John, the Master Snudcyclist

6 comments on “Snudcycling

  1. Nina Conway says:

    Somehow there must be a life lesson in this phrase – Yes, if the “sn” outweighs the “ud.”
    What could it be?

  2. Marisa Ala says:

    Very funny! I love it! Didn’t you also go snudcycling again with Kelli and I the next day??

  3. Carol Riggs says:

    Can’t say as I ever have gone snudcycling!! How funny. You’re very energetic and adventurous! Good for you. I like your previous post too, about worship. Great points. 🙂 Have a great weekend!

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