The Slow Pace of Life in Southern California

When you read the title of this post I’ll bet you thought, “Gee, that’s an oxymoron.”  I would agree with regard to many humans, but as for Mother Nature, she moves at a much slower pace around here than in other parts of the country.  Even though today is December 1st (only 24 shopping days until Christmas!), San Diego County’s deciduous trees are still transitioning into their fall brilliance.  I took the below pictures in our yard yesterday.  We haven’t even begun raking, I mean blowing, the leaves yet because there aren’t enough on the ground.

And then there are the climbing roses.  Only two of the four are veritable climbers at this point since we just planted them in August, but they sure have the flower production talent mastered.  I know I need to clip the flowers before they have fully died off, but a little bit of me dies, too, each time I do so.

And now, the pictures.  Enjoy.

What seasonal wonders are taking place where you live?

What are your thoughts?

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