Bidding Adieux to Pinkie Toes?

While searching the internet for ideas on something funny to post for today, I came across a nursing blog with a story entitled, 50 Incredibly Weird Facts About the Human Body.   I was intrigued by what bizarre things I would learn about my body, so I scanned through the list.  I found four weird facts that were worthy of comment.

  1.  The smarter you are, the more you dream.  If this is true, I must have a hidden reserve of brilliance in a recess of my brain because I dream more than any person I know.  I dream so much that I often wake up more tired than when I fell asleep.  During my first year of college I asked my psychology professor why this happens to me.  He said that it can’t because we dream during our REM sleep, which is when our bodies are resting and rebuilding.  So does my problem make me a rare specimen worthy of scientific research?
  2. When a sneeze leaves your body, it does so at high speeds, so you

    Do dogs sneeze as violently as humans? Picture from Google Images

    should avoid suppressing it and causing damage to your body.  This item made me question whether anyone has ever done a study of sneeze speed variation between males and females, or larger and smaller persons.  The reason I ask is because I sneeze louder and more aggressively than my husband, who is eight inches taller than me and sixty pounds heavier.  Logic would dictate that he should sneeze both louder and stronger than me, right?

  3. Compared to its size, the tongue is the strongest muscle. But I doubt you’ll be lifting weights with it.  While struggling to complete six pull-ups unassisted at the gym recently, I contemplated why some of the tongue muscle strength wasn’t allocated to my latissumus dorsi and trapezius muscles instead.  This seems to be a much better use of muscle.
  4. There is speculation that since we no longer have to run for our dinner, and we wear sneakers, the pinkie toe‘s evolutionary purpose is disappearing — and maybe the pinkie itself will go the way of the dodo.  I like my pinkie toes.  This speculative comment made me both protective of my little toes, and contemplative about what feet would look like without our little toes that so perfectly end the gradual curve of our feet.  The resulting visual image was not pleasant or worthy of sharing.

Which of the 50 weird facts do you find worthy of comment?

From Google Images

What are your thoughts?

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