G.I. Mykonos

Mykonos wandered from one side of the backyard to the other, lingering here and there to inspect a plant and eat some grass.  She reveled at her new-found freedom to explore what the world had to offer.  For the first time she had a vast grassland of mystery and adventure to investigate.  She discovered a diverse array of bugs to push about with her right front paw and scrawny lizards to stare at as they basked in the sun.  There were also colorful things with flappy wings that flitted about.  They often taunted her into a game of chasing them around the yard, making Mykie look younger than her twelve years, if not a bit foolish.

As she roamed the land, birds of all colors and shapes would catch her eye.  They posed with puffed chests on the fence, drank from the flowers of the plants, and called to one another from the trees.  When the urge hit her, Mykonos practiced her cat prowess by inching her way through the plains, one crouched step at a time, her gaze locked on the potential prey.  Other times she chose to continue lazing about while casually glancing their way and emitting her, “I want to eat you but will cut you a break,” meow.

G.I. Mykonos in camouflage

As time wore on, Mykie began taking extended siestas throughout the days in strategic locations where she was camouflaged from view of unsuspecting humans or animals that may cross her path.  Her Diluted Calico fur was the ideal mix of pink, tan, grey, and brown for blending into the wooden fence around the yard perimeter.  It even allowed her to become incognito when laying flush against the dirt where grass failed to grow.

The use of her natural fatigues worked so well that one night her new dad couldn’t find her when it was time to go inside for the night.  She watched him roam about, looking in all of her usual haunts.  He called her name from one end of the yard to the other.  After exhausting his search he said, “Fine. Stay outside if you want to,” and went in for the night.

Mykonos’ cat lips curled into a slow, satisfied smile.  Subject #1 could not determine her location.   Her training and strategizing had paid off.  Next on the agenda, unsuspecting lizards and those flappy things.

What amusing things have your pets done lately?


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