Make Space on Your Bookshelf for Firefly Lane

Being in relationships is not easy. Whether it’s a marriage, friendship, or family connection, having others in our lives takes a lot of effort:  emotionally we have to ride the waves of ups and downs; mentally we need to be present and active when speaking with or spending time with our special someone; and logistically we need to make space in our lives for those that matter.  Exhausting, right?  Yes, at times it is, but mostly it’s remarkably rewarding.

In her book firefly lane, Kristin Hannah is a master at weaving together the lives of two girls who were the most unlikely of friends: a nerd and Ms. Popular.  What begins as a tale of insecurities and second-guessing the other’s intentions turns into a life-long bond that carries them through the highs and lows of life for thirty years. 

Kristin Hannah’s ability to portray the different facets of relationships in a very real, deep-felt way sucks you into her characters’ journeys.  Like all of the books I have read by Kristin Hannah, firefly lane drew me into the characters so much that I felt their hurt, joy, frustration, betrayal, and peace.  I generally donate all of my books to charity after I’ve read them once; this book is different.  Firefly lane remains nestled between other books on my shelf as a reminder of how to create believable lives in my own creative writing.

What book have you read that had very real characters?

Check out Kristin Hannah’s other books on her blog.

What are your thoughts?

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