The Great San Diego Blackout of 2011

In the past year many cities across the country have experienced extended electrical blackouts due to severe lightning storms, high winds, ice storms, hurricanes, flooding, and many other natural disasters.  Last month all of San Diego County went dark for a few hours because of an operator error in Arizona.  Nifty.

Admittedly, it was 102 degrees in Escondido (our town) when the power went out for about seven hours beginning at 3:40 p.m., but a radio station we listened to during the outage called it a disaster.  Really?

Dale and I used the lack of electricity as an excuse to dig out our camping gear and be creative with our dinner plans.  We sautéed some veggies on our gas stove that we put over grilled brats to make a modified version of a burrito.  Tasty.  The only challenging part was being strategic about opening the refrigerator so we didn’t let too much cold air escape.

That night we got ready for bed while wearing our headlamps.  The primary obstacle there was trying not to blind ourselves each time we looked in the mirror.

Our sleeping quarters during the blackout

We rolled out our sleeping bags under the back patio cover and settled in for the night while letting the cats roam free in the yard to their hearts’ delight.  Ironically, Dale and I both slept better than we had in a number of days because the outside temperature got down to a chilly 58 degrees. Brrr . . .

Dale would say that the big disaster in this situation was his inability to watch New Orleans’ opening game against Green Bay.  As his bad luck would have it, the game started shortly after power ceased to flow into San Diego County.  So yes, thanks to a worker’s incorrect decision in Arizona, poor Dale is still trying to recover from this lost football experience.

What fun or crazy blackout or disaster stories do you have?

Read about our unexpected adventure here:


2 comments on “The Great San Diego Blackout of 2011

  1. I once endured a week without power due to an ice storm. Fortunately, refrigeration was not an issue and my house had a wood burning fireplace. I had some friends that got power back after 2 days so I had a place to shower. All was good. Helps to be an outdoorsman when electricity is MIA.

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