Lost but Not Forgotten

An unanticipated function of a reusable grocery bag

At 7:00 last night Grenoble wheezed his last breath as I stroked his bony spine and soothed him with gentle words. After suffering from kidney disease, severe arthritis, and a litany of other health problems for the past sixteen months, his beaten body could take no more.  Life was drained from the shell of his former self before I could drive him to an urgent care to be put to rest.  Experiencing his last moments with him was both perfect and traumatic; he didn’t have to pass away alone, but the image of it will forever be seared into my mind.

Having been my constant companion since October 1998, my second year of law school, he shared a great many ups and downs with me.  He was a consistent comic relief throughout law school, my legal career, my transition into teaching, and two major moves across the country.  Grenoble never failed to make me giggle when I needed a positive shift to my day.  As a tribute to him, I thought it only fitting to share a few precious Grenoble moments and pictures.

  • He got “lost” in my apartment a few times when he was an itty bitty kitten – one time he was stuck in the coils of the refrigerator, another he was trapped inside the back of my sleeper sofa.
  • Grenoble, who I recently took to calling Little Man, didn’t use to be so little – a few years ago he weighed more than twice his final weight.  He ate so much I had to get a cat feeder to portion feed him and his Common Law wife, Mykonos.  Whoever designed the feeder clearly had never had a ravenously hungry male cat, because no matter what I did, Grenoble could get extra food out of it.

    Grenoble's recent man cave

  • He wasn’t one to talk until I introduced him to Mykonos.  Having been a stray on a farm with a lot of dogs, she chose to bark rather than meow most of the time.  Soon Grenoble adopted the same habit.
  • Finally, sleeping in bags or boxes or on newspapers or shoes, was a favorite past time for my beloved feline.  Whenever I couldn’t find him, I’d search in anything I thought he might be able to squeeze into.

Have you or someone you know recently had a pet pass away?  Share a little about him/her.

Below are the links to two stories I’ve posted about Grenoble and his wife, Mykonos – such sweet, fun memories.  I’ll continue to share tales of their twelve year companionship with you over the next few months.

Nine Lives Aren’t Enough When You’re In Love

I Don’t Remember That Being in the Job Description

Shortly before he passed away


6 comments on “Lost but Not Forgotten

  1. So sorry to hear about your friend. Keep the memories and he will never truly be gone.

    • Thanks John. Other than my family, he was the only constant in my life for the past 13 years, so I definitely have a lot of wonderful memories to share. Maybe you should break from your mold today by giving Jack a big hug. 🙂

  2. nyna says:

    Hey Heather. Sorry to hear. I still have fond memories of hanging out on your red couch with the cats meandering by. I have this theory that when a pet dies, we cry alot – we cry out all the tears that we should have for all the other hurts in life when we didn’t cry enough. So let the tears fall.

    Your little story did bring back a memory of Mickey our hyper active mixed chihuahua. When he died I wasnt sure if he was really gone (denial) – so the doggie ambulance was called. The nice man came in his official white van, with his white coat and stethoscope. After pronouncing his death, he gave us a nice speech about doggie heaven. You can see I wasn’t even thinking straight – really? a doggie ambulance?!
    Hang in there my friend.

    • Thanks Nyna. Interestingly, I didn’t think it would be too hard when he passed on because I knew the end was near, but hard it is.

      I’ve never heard of a doggie ambulance before. That’s awesome. Only you would think to do that, my friend. I bet you and the kids felt better after he gave his little speech. It all sounds so very official!

  3. Anita Mac says:

    So sorry to hear about the loss of such an important friend! I was luckily spared as my beautiful Sammie, only 7 years young, went into acute renal failure in 2011. Thankfully, she has pulled through and is more exuberant than ever! The vet can still hardly believe it when I tell stories of Sammie scaling 6 foot fences as she goes off to explore the hood!!!! I would like to introduce Sammie:

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