Hurry Up and Wait

Wait patiently for the Lord.  Be brave and courageous. Yes, wait patiently for the Lord. Psalm 27: 14 NLT

by Heather Harshman

Trust is hard.  Wives and husbands need to trust that their spouses will love and respect them for the remainder of their lives.  Employers need to trust that their employees will work hard and be honest.  Trust requires giving part of our lives to someone else to control or impact, which can be scary and outside our comfort zone when doing so in the past has resulted in hurt and suffering.

Trusting God can feel the same way.  We may believe that he has let us down before, that we know better than he does, or even that he takes too long to respond to our needs.  God knows that trust is hard; that is why faith is so rewarding.  By trusting him to act in his own time and according to his will rather than our own, though, we’ll reap the benefits of following the path he has laid for us.

My friend Nyna was a picture of trust and faith when she was let go from a company where she had worked for nineteen years.  As the single mother of two boys, it would have been easy for her to feel desperate and alone, wondering how she was going to pay the mortgage and grocery bills.  Instead, Nyna clung to God like never before, continually talking to him about her situation and patiently waiting for him to act in his own time.  She reaped the benefits of her faith by God providing her with a job that was far better than the one she had lost.  Nyna now has significantly less stress in her life and feels good about what she does each day.  The best part, though, was that she was only unemployed for one day.

What blessings have you experienced from waiting patiently for God to act in your life?

Song for Meditation:


What are your thoughts?

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