Life is a Precious Gift

We watched the news and scoured the newspapers for information about the 7.0 earthquake that hit Port-au-Prince, Haiti on January 12, 2010.  We mourned while viewing pictures of the destruction and death, and sent financial and other types of donations to organizations to provide some much needed assistance to the poor people of Haiti.

Dan Woolley, though, was not as lucky as those of us who remained in the comfort of our homes, observing the catastrophe from many miles away.  When the earthquake ended, he found himself trapped below six levels of what used to be the Hotel Montana in Haiti.  What had once been an attractive and comfortable hotel where Dan rested between tasks he was working on for the Child Survival Program with Compassion International became a prison of darkness and danger.

Dan’s book Unshaken chronicles the story of his sixty-five hours of captivity beneath the concrete      mass of the Hotel Montana.  You will be forever changed once you have shared his emotional and spiritual journey: you will want to continually cultivate your relationships with God, family, and friends, and will be thankful for your life every day that God allows you to remain on Earth.

Check out Dan’s website and purchase his book at this link:  Unshaken by Dan Woolley

Find out what the Child Survival Program is at this link:  Compassion Child Survival Program

What book have you read lately that moved you spiritually or emotionally?


What are your thoughts?

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