Nine Lives Aren’t Enough When You’re in Love

Marriage is never easy, especially when you are a cat in an arranged marriage. Take Grenoble and Mykonos, for instance.  They met twelve years ago when they were both in their infancy.  Grenoble was lucky enough to be rescued from a San Diego animal shelter when he was only six weeks old.  A young law student who was originally from Iowa fell in love with him as she wandered the hallways of the shelter.  She was all grins as she loaded him into her open air jeep in only a cardboard box since she hadn’t purchased cat things yet.

Although her person name was Heather, Grenoble called her his mère.  His name was French, after all, and she cared for him more than his real mother had been able to in the brief time they were together.

The first few months of their time together was sheer bliss.  He romped around her apartment all day while she was at school, making certain to take numerous naps in the sunshine on the window sills to refresh himself.  Then he would follow her everywhere she went from the minute she got home until she crashed exhausted into her big cushy bed.  Grenoble just couldn’t get enough of his mère.

Then one day Heather brought home an unwanted guest – a girl cat she named Mykonos.  Grenoble hoped fervently that Mykonos was only visiting because he in no way wanted to share his mère with anyone, especially a cat.

He hissed and growled frequently during the first few days that Mykonos was there to let her know that she was not welcome in their life; she could go back to the farm from which she came.  Yah, that’s right, she was a stray on a farm.  The owner had too many animals to care for so she dropped the girl cat at a shelter.  Heather just happened to drive into the parking lot at the same time the lady was dropping her off.   And now it appeared that he was stuck living with this farm cat – she did not seem to be going anywhere despite his animosity towards her.  Great.

And so life began for Grenoble and Mykonos, two cats who were destined to be together but just hadn’t known it.  As the years passed he began to soften and develop feelings for her.  He chased her up and down the stairs of Heather’s three story condo, pounced on her and pinned her down for minutes at a time until Heather broke them up, and even let her give him periodic kisses.  By the time they reached their sixth year together he even let her sleep on top of him in their cat bed. He hadn’t the foggiest idea why she insisted on sleeping directly on top of him instead of beside the bed, but so be it.  It was easier to let her have her way than to listen to her crying; she needed a lot of affection and would make herself known until she got it.

Then suddenly they had been together for twelve years and Grenoble was feeling his age in his joints and organs.  He had severe arthritis in his shoulders so he could no longer play cat and mouse with his Mykie, he could only slowly lumber after his sprightly wife.  And his kidney disease made him shed numerous pounds until he was a skeleton of his former self and caused his breathing to be labored.  His fragile state did not allow for her sleeping on top of him any longer, especially since she now weighed more than her feeble husband.  While Grenoble was aging noticeably each year, Mykie was the picture of youth.

Their altered lifestyle took a toll on their relationship.  They didn’t spend as much quality time together and often lived out their days in different parts of the yard or house.  The spark they had once felt was all but extinguished.  Then one day Grenoble was sitting at the sliding glass door watching his mère and her new husband make dinner.  He was thinking about how strange it was to have another person in their life.  It had been the three of them forever, until two months ago.  Now their lives were forever changed.

Hearing a quiet movement next to him, he distractedly turned to the right to investigate the source.  Grenoble’s gaze was greeted by that of Mykonos.  She sat a couple of feet away and a bucket was sitting between them, but that didn’t stop him from noticing the sparkle in her eyes and the sheen of her fur.  What a beauty, his Mykie, his wife of twelve years.  His weakened heart surged with a deep love for her that he hadn’t felt in over a year.  They stared into each other’s eyes for a couple of minutes, then turned back to look at their mèreand her husband.  He saw them kiss and giggle, still engulfed in the newness of marriage.  Their budding love inspired him; he vowed that, despite his age and ailments, he would work to stoke the fire between him and his love.  He didn’t know how much more time he had with his Mykie, so he wanted every day to count.

The Love Cats by Heather Harshman


5 comments on “Nine Lives Aren’t Enough When You’re in Love

  1. susan thompson says:

    What a wonderfull story it touched my heart 🙂

  2. John Ala says:

    great point on life and love – even if you had to use cats to make it

  3. Nice…It sounds like the Feline version of The Notebook – you could call it The Catbook.

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