Roughing It

You know you are going to have a rough night of camping when

  • Your boyfriend forgot to load your sleeping mat;
  • Your boyfriend also forgot to load your sleeping bag;
  • The temperature is supposed to drop into the forties that night;
  • A friend’s boyfriend brought along his ten-year-old daughter’s sleeping mat and bag, even though she was not on the camping trip, which he offers to let you use;
  • The ten-year-old’s sleeping mat only reaches down to your knees; and
  • The ten-year-old’s sleeping bag does not go above your chest and it is so narrow that you can only sleep on your back or your stomach.

from Google Images

Aahh, camping is so much more fun with the right equipment!

What camping stories do you have?

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5 comments on “Roughing It

  1. Marisa Ala says:

    Perhaps I should share our story about our camping trip together in Colorado! We packed the wrong blow up mattress, so we only had a twin. And I can’t quite get over how long it actually took little man to get to sleep… That was an INTERESTING night to say the least.

  2. Nina Conway says:

    I was there and thought the look on boyfriend’s face was hilarious when he had his ‘uh oh’ moment.
    My favorite camping ‘uh oh’ was in fajitas in the dark and in the rain. I had packed olive oil in a little tube and had also packed dish washing soap in a little tube. I couldn’t figure out why the fajitas was blowing bubbles in the pan…we had the cleanest fajitas in town.

  3. Actually, the lesson learned was the importance of having a bright lantern…the tubes were labeled…not much help in the darkness…lol

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