Life at the Westbury Arms

In The Awakening Angela Hunt weaves a tale of love, betrayal, achievements, disappointments, and mysterious unknowns all on one floor of the Westbury Arms building.  Aurora, the main character, is presented with a host of frightening yet freeing encounters that allow the reader to see into Aurora’s heart and experience the ebb and flow of her emotions.  One cannot help but relate to her losses and triumphs when Ms. Hunt uses great descriptive phrases such as, “without warning, anxiety crests inside me like a wave, breaks, and sends streamers of terror in every direction.”

The Awakening was the Finalist in ForeWord Magazine’s Book of the Year award.  It is only one of many contemporary style novels written by Ms. Hunt, as listed on her website.

Purchase The Awakening here


4 comments on “Life at the Westbury Arms

  1. kffcogaf says:

    Great author! Especially loved her Biblical historical series on Joseph – “Dreamers” and the 2nd book “Brothers.” =)

  2. Marisa Ala says:

    Oh, if only I had time to read…. 🙂

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