A Brush with Death

What changes would you make in your life if you brushed arms with death?  Who would you become?  Would you modify your priorities?  Bruce Van Natta chose to use his near death experience to make an impact on God’s Kingdom.  As shared in his story published in the December 2009 edition of Guideposts and in his book Saved by Angels, Bruce now travels the country to share his experience with others to help them grow in their faith walk.

His experience also birthed Sweet Bread Ministries, a non-denominational, evangelistic ministry dedicated to bringing people of all backgrounds into a closer, more intimate relationship with the Lord.    Plus, Bruce and his wife Lori funded building a church in India and an orphanage in Honduras.

So answer these questions:  Are you motivated to start making positive changes in your life today?  Where will you begin?  Who or what will become the focus of your changed self?

by Heather Zuber-Harshman

What are your thoughts?

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