The Weitzel Syndrome

As long as I can remember our mother has provided us three girls with ceaseless entertainment with her speech habits.  She tends to mix up words when she’s tired, such as saying “button belly” instead of “belly button.”  Us girls should have been exceptionally healthy when we were growing up because we had many a chuckle thanks to these types of   oral oopsies.

In a truly humble fashion, Mom embraced her quirky habit.  She even paid homage to her parents, the Weitzels, for passing it along to her by calling it The Weitzel Syndrome.  My sisters and I, who also inherited it, have chosen to maintain this title for posterity.

As us kids have grown into adults I’ve discovered that there are many permutations of this syndrome.  My favorite, “uh, what did I just say?” moment is when I think of two different ways to say something.  Even though I consciously decide which way to say it, my brain is torn as to the proper answer so it combines them.  For example, if I decide to say “maybe” instead of “possibly,” my overly creative brain will turn it into “mossibly.”  Lovely, eh?

Another version is when I’ll say a similar but incorrect word, such as “cat feed” instead of “cat food.”  This one plagues me the most because my ears are often in cahoots with my brain; I’ll hear what I meant to say rather than what I did say. Sigh.

Having thought for many years that perhaps our family was the sole victim of this syndrome, I’ve kept it quiet, not wanting to tout our seeming incapacities to the world.  As of today, though, I will be silent no longer because I discovered that there are others who have displayed a similar

Syndromic Expression

behavior in most unfortunate circumstances.  My family’s verbal blunders pale in comparison to such public displays of syndromic expressions.

Hear this world – us Zuber women are proud to state that we have The Weitzel Syndrome.  We have created much joy and laughter in the world because of it and are pleased to help make the people around us a little bit healthier every day.  So that have!


8 comments on “The Weitzel Syndrome

  1. John Ala says:

    What does this have to do with pretzels?

  2. Janet Zuber says:

    Heather that was good. I just remembered what Aunt Barb said to Uncle Bob when he was about 5 years old when we were living in Marion : after filling the bathtub for “Robbie” ,as he was called then, Barb said” Robbie your waters wet!”

  3. nyna says:

    Great story well done. Reminds me of the kids favorite soup “queen of broccoli”

  4. Holly Zuber says:

    Whether it is the Weitzel syndrome or being clumsy – I think I inherited them all!! =) You could write a book about me I tell ya with all of my clumsy moments =)

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