Thin Places Delivers

Moved and awakened.  That’s how I felt after reading Mary DeMuth’s memoir, Thin Places.  The honesty with which she repaints the story of her far from ordinary childhood and the mental struggles of her adulthood is refreshing and freeing.  As I read, I found myself recalling parts of my past with which I have and continue to struggle, but seeing them in a different light, a healing light.  I am in awe of the healing that has occurred in Mary’s heart and soul through the power of God, and see no reason why I can’t experience the same healing since my owns hurts pale in comparison to those she has experienced.

Mary’s eloquent use of words was riveting.  I couldn’t stop marveling at how well pieced together they were and how they enveloped me in the story.  I was with Mary through each of her experiences, seeing and feeling things as she did.  I yearn to be as graceful and real with my writing.

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2 comments on “Thin Places Delivers

  1. Mary DeMuth says:

    Like balm to this writer’s heart. Thank you.

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