It was confirmed that I’m a natural blonde…

when I was mountain biking in Crystal Cove State Park (CA) with friends a few years ago.  I started down a hill that consisted of a scary grouping of boulders covered with a nice dose of sand – my two favorite mediums for downhilling (oozing sarcasm here).  I managed to fall part way down – big shocker – but was not daunted.  Oh, no, this chica was not going to be conquered by a hill, especially when her friends were watching her not-so-graceful descent.

I hauled myself  off of the ground, disregarding the blood that trickled relentlessly down my right shin, and hoisted my dust-tanned self back into the driver’s seat.  Resuming my downward slide, I was perplexed as to why the handlebars felt unusually close to my abdomen and why I was riding so high off of the bars. 

Reaching the base without any further incidents, I celebrated with a “Whoopee” and soaked up the cheers of my friends.  Just call me Queen of the Hill!

When time came to resume our ride, I commented, “It’s so odd, but I think I broke my handlebars.  They’re totally out of position.”

“Really?” a friend queried.  “That is odd.”  Leaning in to take a closer look at the damage, he continued, “Uh, Heather, your handlebars are backwards.  They must have gotten turned around from your fall.”

At that moment two things became readily apparent: 1) I couldn’t have been much dizzier in that scene even if I had drafted a script; and 2) I had discovered a hidden mountain biking talent that, much like being able to raise one eyebrow at a time, had the potential to make me famous on day.

This is the first in the series of “It was confirmed that I’m a natural blonde…” stories that I will periodically post on Wednesdays as part of the A Little Something Funny category.  Enjoy!


3 comments on “It was confirmed that I’m a natural blonde…

  1. John Ala says:

    You know, I never consider you ditzy. But you do have your moments.

  2. George Ishikawa says:

    Time to get some knee and shin armor before Mammoth.

  3. Thankfully I have armor so I’m set for Mammoth. That way my “moments” hopefully won’t cause any damage!

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