The Master “How To” Guide

2 Samuel 22: 31 – 37

Being a new writer is not easy.  Learning how to create publishable pieces, get them published, and be motivated for several hours each day to create these pieces is challenging and intimidating.  There are days when I want to throw my computer on the ground and say, “Forget it. I’m not cut out to do this.”  But then I think of David, who was crowned king at an age younger than my current thirty-six years.  God did not provide him with a “how to be a king” manual, yet David was a very successful king and one whom God called a man after his own heart.  I am sure David had many days when he felt intimidated by the tasks before him and didn’t feel capable of dealing with the continual challenges of ruling a kingdom, yet he persevered as king for about forty years.  How did he have the courage and strength to do this?  He continually sought wisdom and guidance from the only one who can direct us on our path through life – our Lord.  David knew that God was the best “how to” guide available.

Prayer: Dear Lord, please help me to pray to you continually for wisdom and guidance, and help me to wait patiently for you to guide me down your right path.  Amen.

One comment on “The Master “How To” Guide

  1. John Ala says:

    Thanks HH – I will patiently wait for your next devotional

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